A digital marketing agency made to increase your company's visibility into the digital world.

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Digital Marketing

In the current scenario, we can say that the right time to start investing in digital marketing is as soon as possible! Did you know that 93% of purchasing decisions are influenced by social media? That is why we have developed a set of marketing strategies tailored to your company, increasing traffic on digital platforms and generating more leads for your business.

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WEB Development

Currently, companies that do not have a digital presence as websites can not reach 10% of the costumers that could prospect if they were online. Contact us and optimize your brand presence with the best digital marketing practices!

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Google Adwords

Nowadays, 90% of people who search on google end up just clicking on the results that appear on the first page. Therefore, Google Adwords is a digital marketing tool that, in addition to highlighting your business, ends up leveraging your company's digital platforms.

About us

A digital marketing agency made to increase your company's visibility into the digital world. Koalas live at the top of trees: the higher, the better. And so, they have a broader view of opportunities, as does Ekoala Marketing Digital. We emerged with the aim of innovating and strengthening your company’s presence in digital platforms, arousing curiosity and attracting more leads to your business, always with a broader perspective on the market.
Adding experience and innovation, the results appear.

Ekoala Marketing Digital is always connected with the trends and technological innovations that constantly appear in the digital market. Through excellent digital marketing strategies, we improve and optimize your company's online communication.

WebSite Development in Brazil

What do we do?

Social Media

Achieve great digital marketing results for your company. Currently, it is not enough just to have different digital channels to make good communication. It is essential to produce relevant content, in addition to the management and optimization of your social networks. Want to gain more followers? Contact us to draw up a suitable digital strategy for your company!

Photographic production

To optimize the best in your business and thus create a more detailed and improved image for your company, we also offer the photographic production service. Contact us to increase your company's visibility into the digital world!


The efficient design, in addition to attracting the public, is a fundamental marketing practice capable of optimizing your digital platform and generating more improved solutions for your company.

E-commerce & Website

The world has changed and today, not having a digital presence means not existing for many customers. Therefore, we develop your website and e-commerce in a 100% optimized, responsive and administrative panel, providing the customer total freedom to update content.

Inbound Marketing

With the increase of competition and, consequently, the power of consumer choice, Inbound Marketing has become an essential marketing tool due to the fact that it is an attraction selling strategy that operates from the first contact with the customer until the moment of purchase, through the generation of optimized content. Contact us to develop a customized strategy for your business and attract more leads!

Facebook ADS

Enhance your company's digital performance. Achieve real results for your business through Facebook Ads campaigns. Contact our digital marketing specialists to draw up a suitable plan for your company's communication!

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Personalized service according to your goals.

Every success story of a company starts with customers: they are the key to success because they show us the path we must follow.

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WebSite Development in Brazil

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