Brazil will be the host for Copa America

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Better known as the South America Football Championship, it’s an attornment created and prepared by CONMEBOL. 2021 edition was scheduled to happen in Colombia, but the manifestations against the government and the chaotic  moment the country is facing made the CONMEBOL and the Colombia’s government change their mind, and cancel it.

Argentina was then brought up into the conversation, but Argentina’s government didn’t want such a huge event happening there while they are facing the struggles of COVID-19. The country has in a total, 17 thousands deaths.

The last option, before canceling the event was Brazil. Even the country having one of the worst COVID-19 death rate, and contaminations rate, the government accept the request.

Copa America will be happening in Brazil, starting on June 13th. CONMEBOL plan on vaccinating all the athletes and their committee, together with journalist that might come to cover the event.

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Giuliana Bortoluzzi

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