Instagram Adds New ‘Pronouns’ Option on User Profiles to Maximize Inclusion

group of gay men enjoying the lgbt parade while we T3BKC2B

Instagram has added a new ‘Pronouns’ option on user profiles which lets users select up to four pronouns so that people know how they should be referred to within interactions.

As you can see here, the new option is listed in your profile settings – just select ‘Edit Profile’>’Pronouns’ and you can enter in your chosen identifiers.

Instagram provides a range of pronoun options, which will populate in the window as you enter your chosen terms. Users can edit or remove their chosen pronouns at any time, while you can also choose whether your pronouns listing is shown to everyone, or just your followers in the app.

It’s a good addition for Instagram, which adds to its broader push to maximize inclusion, and ensure that all users are able to represent themselves as they choose on the platform.

That movement is actually gaining more traction across the broader social media sphere, with LinkedIn also recently adding pronoun listings on its user profiles, while Instagram’s parent company Facebook has had pronoun options available within its user display tools since 2014, though they have evolved significantly over time.

For many, the addition won’t make any difference to the way they use the app, but for those to whom it is relevant, it’s a hugely important update, and will help greatly in validating their identity and improving their interactions based on their Insta profile.

The update is now available in the latest version of the app.


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