Tips for a successful E-commerce

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Are you the owner of a business or company? Are you struggling to be successful in an e-commerce?


According to Mark Walker-Ford there are 10 tips that can help you and your team to have the best experience in e-commerce. 


  1. Create a email list
  2. Record at least 1 “How-to” video per week
  3. Social media management
  4. Have a good content creator
  5. Invest on Ads
  6. SEO
  7. Create a blog
  8. Post daily on the blog
  9. Work with influencer 
  10. Have a good Branding


All of the tips above are really important for an online business to attract customers, and be successful. Of course, there are so many other tips to help your business to accomplish its goal, but those are a good start. 


Do not be afraid of e-commerce, it is here to help such customers as sellers.

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